The Current state of food security in Armenia

This article is in Persian

ALTERNATIVE Quarterly Journal January – March, 2020, Alireza (Arik) Adkanian , Ph.D. student at European university, Yerevan

Keywords: food security, crisis, food security management, Armenia, external pressure

Food security is one of the most important concerns of all the countries in the world. The investigation of this problem and dangers treat food security and the research to find solutions to solve this problem is one of the most important duties of the governments. In the Middle East and Caucasus region, due to a combination of natural and political crises, there is a growing threat to food security. Armenia, too, is under threat for various reasons in terms of food security. The situation on the borders of Armenia and its neighbours has caused a permanent threat. The purpose of this article is to examine the food security situation in Armenia and the dangers that threaten it.

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