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The warlords responsibility for the food crisis in Yemen

This article is written in Persian

 Alireza (Arik) Adkanian , Ph.D. student at European university, Yerevan

One of the most important issues about immunity to food can keep the law of civil residents and other groups of people in the international and internal conflict confirmed by The 1949 Geneva Conventions and it is a fundamental human right in the second generation should be respected with the parties in this conflicts, unfortunately in the Yemen war has been a massive breach  The principle of separation from The Houthi movement and Coalition led by Saudi Arabia, In this paper considers this issue to reach procedures legal and criminal with regard to the rights of immunity food toward to criminal military person and government. without any doubt, this issue can’t follow up the aspect of human sustainable development and impediment internationally such as the 2216 resolution on the basis of sustainable human goals and request helping 51 united nation charter in an applicable manner of cooperation The international community, united nation security council, united nation general assembly from exporting new competency in the pioneer European countries sphere and other successful countries such as human rights toward to crime against immunity food ultimately and implicit to pursue



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