Our association is based on the proposal and foundation by researchers from Iran and the historical Iran cultural lands (Persian countries). In this regard, we hope to work with thinkers and all lovers of our field who are committed to world peace to a better tomorrow. There is no religious, sexual or ethnic discrimination in this regard. Beneficial suggestions from anywhere in the world will be explored. What is of particular importance to us in the field of research on food diplomacy and the cultural and knowledge-based fields associated with it is the achievement of the lofty goal of establishing good peace from the perspective of food security. We also look at food security as one of the branches of human rights because everyone has the right to a healthy life. Our association has an independent procedure. We are not affiliated with any institution or political party or government. Our values include as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, peace, tolerance and cooperation and friendship with the world. With respect to international law and non-affiliation with extremist ethnic, religious, political and terrorist groups and organizations is the red line of our association.

Community members

Alireza(Arik)Adkanian, President and founder of the association


Ph.D. student of the European University of Armenia, researcher on the effects of crises and peace on food security and hunger




Meysam Khosravi, Association Advisor and founder


Graduated in international law from shahid ashrafi Esfahani non profit university
Researcher in international law issues with approach in food safety and tolerance


Memorandum of Understanding