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The food security crisis in Venezuela and the role of parties involved in the crime

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Keywords: Food security; humanitarian assistance; Venezuela Republiq; international court; food crisis.October 2019

 Alireza (Arik) Adkanian , Ph.D. student at European university, Yerevan

The Venezuelan food security crisis is one of the challenging issues in the international community with the alarming concern of the United Nations and other international bodies today that the humanitarian crisis and violations of food security measures are alerting citizens.

One case in point is the role of the Venezuelan government’s policies led by the motherland with the ruling group in the administration of the country and the type of sovereignty, as well as the effects of disputes with the opposition led by Juan Guido, led by many countries. Also, There have been foreign influences. In this study, we will look at the reasons for Venezuelan citizens’ food security violations and the prosecution of its officials for lack of sovereignty in international courts.

Regardless of the judicial immunity of public officials and the application of Chapter VII of the Charter can be in the form of the responsibility for protection through referral to the Security Council or the collective agreement of the members of the UN General Assembly


ISJ_Volume 16_Issue 2_Pages 93-113

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