Food security has been one of the constant concerns of human beings throughout history. This concern has been accompanied by humans, whether individually or in the co-existence of a tribe or land. People and countries have always been striving to maintain food security for themselves.

Throughout human history, the same food and access to food supplies such as agricultural land, irrigation water, etc., sometimes led to wars, or on the other hand, the pressure to besiege groups or countries in wars. There was a war pressure to prevent food from reaching the opposite side of the battle or the people of the opposite land.

“Although today the situation is not as it was in the past, armed conflict using food as a lever for political gains is not possible, thanks to international laws now prevailing. Although it is still happening in other ways.

Food security is an integral part of human rights. Building any land with free people requires food security. The nature of food security has been linked to various fields of knowledge, technology, wisdom and human culture. Usually most of the research on food security is undertaken from the perspectives of production, distribution and food health. Looking at food as a link in peacebuilding and its connection with humanities and culture is the working field of our association. In this regard, we are interested in constructive cooperation with all researchers, organizations and peace lovers in the world.

You can provide us with published articles related to our field of activity in reputable publications for introduction to the society.  You can also provide us with your ready-to-print articles in the fields of peace, international law, crises and food security for evaluation and publication in the International Studies Quarterly (ISJ)

Our research focuses on the lands of our region and its neighbours, but we are open to collaboration with all researchers and peace advocates across the globe who share our vision of peace and food security.



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