Scientific advisors

Dr.Anna Oriolo

Ph. D.; Associate Professor of International Law
Professor of EU Law and of International & European Criminal Law
Dept. of Legal Sciences (School of Law)
Lecturer of Diplomatic and Consular Law
Dept. Management & Innovation Systems
Director of IECLO (International and European Criminal Law Observatory on Cultural Issues, Human Rights, and Security)
University of Salerno, via G. Paolo II 132, 84084, Fisciano (SA) – Italy
e-mail address:;






Vahram Ter-Matevosyan, DrPhil | Associate Professor

Political Science and International Affairs, AUA

Program Chair








Prof. Mehdi Zakerian

 Associate Professor & Head of International Relations Dept. at IAU, Science & Research Branch, Tehran, Iran
and, Associate Member, Center for Iranian Studies, SOAS, University of London, Speciality: Human Rights










Dr. Hanaan Balala

Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business College and visiting researcher at Roskilde University’s Department of Social Sciences and Business.







Dr. Manaseryan

Dr. Manaseryan graduated in economics from Kiev State University in 1984. He is a professor, Doctor of Economics and author of 10 monographs and over 500 scholarly articles.

He has taught in universities in Armenia and abroad since 1983. He has held various positions in research, trade, consulting, development, tourism, foreign affairs, emergency management and strategic studies, such as:

Head of scientific team at the Scientific Research Institute of State Plans and Standards (1984-1989)
Chief adviser to the Chairman of the Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1989-1990)
General director of the A. Sakharov Fund (1990-1991)
Head of the Resident Mission of Armen trade Canadian Company (1991-1992)
President of Armentrade-California Consulting Company (1992-1997)
Professor at Southern California Redlands University (1993-1997)
Head of the Training Centre of the Armenian Development Agency (1997-1998)
Chairman of the Economic Task Group under the Political Council of the RA President (1998-1999)
President of the Armenian Tourism Development Union (1999-2000)
Adviser and head of International Organisations Division in the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2000-2002)
Head of the International Division in the Emergency Department under the RA Government (2001-2002)
Scientific director of the Centre for Strategic and National Studies (2002-2003)
In 2003, he founded Alternative Research Centre, where he is currently the president.