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Food security through the lens of transitional justice

This article is written in Persian

Keywords: Food security; Human rights; International law; The Humanitarian crisis.November 2018

 Alireza (Arik) Adkanian , Ph.D. student at European university, Yerevan

Transitional justice is one of the new concepts that create a perspective on the evolution of international law in order to investigate human rights violations and follow up in order to achieve the transition of a government into democracy and punish the perpetrators of human rights violators. This can be done by conducting a fair trial that can restore the rights of victims as much as possible.
Food security is one of the most basic human rights principles. Food security is one of the main functions of governments and different groups in terms of peace or conflict. Unfortunately, we are witnessing repeated violations inadvertently or deliberately. This is considered a humanitarian catastrophe in the global community. An example is the blockade of food for ethnic cleansing or military conflicts. This article focuses on the role of transitional justice in promoting the realization of the right to access food for citizens. In other words, this paper argues that transitional justice ensures the right to food and proposes a way to prevent violations of basic human rights


ISJ_Volume 15_Issue 2_Pages 139-155 (1)

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