Government Prosecution for Food Insecurity in North Korea

Arik (Alireza) Adkanian ; Meysam Khosravi ; Kamal Atashkhaneh. International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding. Volume 10, Issue 10 October, 2023 Pages: 146-160

Food security is one of the basic human rights and governments are committed to establishing
and maintaining it in their countries. North Korea has an authoritarian government whose ideological
priorities have led to disregard for the nation’s human rights. Throughout the history of the North Korean
government, millions of people have lost their lives as a result of its decisions. Food insecurity has been
one of the most important causes of terrible damage to the people of North Korea. This challenge has
sometimes manifested itself in the form of a terrible famine. Can the regime of North Korea be prosecuted
for its crimes against humanity based on its responsibility to create food insecurity in North Korea? This
is the question that this research seeks to answer. Researchers in this study believe that the North
Korean government, with its policies and behaviour over the decades, has, directly and indirectly, created
the challenge. The crisis has led to human catastrophe at times and its perpetrators have committed
crimes against humanity.
Keywords: North Korea; Food Insecurity; Prosecution; Crimes Against Humanity


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