World Food Day: A global call for action amid war and conflict

روز جهانی غذا و دنیای پر تنش

As we approach World Food Day this year, we face a world rife with anger, war and violence. These conflicts have contributed to the rise of food prices and the number of people suffering from hunger in the past years. The demand for food aid is increasing, but the capacity of international aid organizations is limited, and despite the relentless and humanitarian efforts of their staff, who are often underappreciated, they are unable to reach all the hungry people in the world.

This year’s theme that links water to life and food is perhaps the most fitting for our people in Iran and many others around the world. Water scarcity can lead to a multitude of humanitarian and political challenges. The best solution in this situation is the collaboration of nations for the optimal use of this precious resource for all. Because the destiny of humanity is interconnected and devastation in one place will have dire consequences for everyone.

Along with various countries that faced challenges in the past, the war in Ukraine created a disaster. The bombing of Ukraine’s food warehouses and grain silos and the blocking of food exports from Ukraine, along with the Sudan crisis and the bankruptcy of Afghanistan due to the rise of the Taliban terrorist group, all had harsh messages for food security in the world, and today the Middle East is on the brink of another crisis that Gaza has ignited.

Perhaps some politicians, ideologues, clerics and ethnic leaders in the Middle East or elsewhere in the world view humans as mere statistics, but in the eyes of human rights and their creator, they are inherently precious and each one is a unique jewel in the history of mankind. Currently, millions of people are starving and hundreds of millions are facing food insecurity and there is a fear that this number will rise.

We are all answerable to God, our conscience and the future generations. What decision will we take today? Let us choose to pursue peace and harmony.


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