The danger of food safety in Sudan and disregard of it in the world approach

Sudan is the country that deals with the food safety and war crisis. It is important which pay attention to this issue based on the Titre of the subject ( Sudan , far from seeing the world, is on the crag beyond of the imagination)
The based on thestatement of ( Martin grifts , the assistant of secretary general of the United nations in humanitarian affairs in the discussion with the British newspaper gardian ) the country of Sudan with the 750 thousands of current people is dealing with a famine strictly crisis. It is an attractive issue that is deeper each day and can create a new challenge . In the comparison with the span of the famine this country is equivalent to the food safety crisis in Qaze.

According to the current statistics, 495 thousand of Palestinian citizens deal with food supply and the hunger strictly in the earlier 6 months, however, in the Sudan, more than 750 thousand people in the emergency condition and 8.5 million of people also put on the emergency condition with the severe hunger and malnutrition. Therefore , it is an essential crisis and the catastrophe that needs the support of humanitarian aid international .


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