Investigating the Roots of Hunger in North Korea

International Journal of Social Science Research and Revie, Volume 7, Issue 3 March, 2024 Pages: 158-169

North Korea is one of the countries whose name has always been associated with the crisis. The
North Korean people have ever faced is hunger and a lack of food as one of their perennial deepest crises.
North Korea has had food insecurity for decades. This crisis is deep but silent. Sometimes it appeared
catastrophic. At other times, it was silent but continuous. It is hidden under the shadow of other North
Korean military and political problems and tensions. Although that is no less important than other
problems. This study seeks to answer this question, where are the roots of the hunger crisis in North
Korea? Another question is how much does the government play a role in this enduring challenge? This
study shows that the famine crisis in North Korea is largely the result of the policies of the North Korean
government and depend on its management structure. All of the Economy, human rights, politics,
militarism and tension are tied. The situation of the North Korean people is the same today under the
control of ideological government.

Keywords: North Korea; Food Insecurity; Hunger; Country Management


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