Food inflation in Iran and its effects‏‏

(The government's progress train is running in the opposite direction)

Food insecurity crisis in Iran

According to a new report from the World Bank, Iran is the third country with real food inflation in the world. Pictures of the advertisements offering to trade clothes, shoes, etc. with food items have  amazed Iranians

Meanwhile, the head of the government talks about the train of the country’s progress. Every day, a new horrifying show of what has happened as a result of the lack of proper command to protect food security in the country is revealed. There are clear links between the economic crises due to Iran’s sanctions and Russia’s attack on Ukraine with food insecurity in the world and in Iran. But on the other hand, the hard times of a large number of Iranians not having enough food or the difficulty of getting should have been anticipated by the Iranian government that created them. The international crisis is not the cause of food insecurity. According to the global definition, one of the characteristics of food security in countries is the ability to prepare food as needed. On this basis, Iran’s society is now in a crisis. According to the report of the prestigious organization GAFS (Global Alliance for Food Security), last year, the spread of food insecurity Moderate or severe in Iran was 42.40 percent (35.60 million people).

Food insecurity is the basis of social, political and military crises in the world. Iran is not out of this path either. The right to food is a basic human need and it is the duty of governments to respond to it. If the governments are not responsive to it, various crises will arise. Also, dealing harshly with the people instead of responding will cause the problem to become much wider. On the other hand, there will be widespread health problems for the people of the society and future generations due to food insecurity. All this while until now the government of Iran has not been able to manage this crisis.


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