The message of the Peace and Food Security Research Association in condemning the terrorist attack in Kerman

The terrorist attack in Kerman and the killing of our fellow citizens is painful and condemnable for us. We, the Peace and Food Security Research Association, condemn this incident and terrorism.

Terrorism in any form is a serious threat to peace, security and human dignity; these actions try to ignore the sanctity of life and achieve their goal by creating fear and division in communities. We strongly condemn these acts of violence and stand against the perpetrators and their evil intentions.

The victims of this attack were dear compatriots of our society. They were people who contributed to the growth and improvement of society with their efforts. There is a lifeless void in our hearts due to their loss, and we think of all their contributions and efforts with gratitude. We pledge to honour their memory and move towards a bright future in order to strengthen peace, harmony and food security.

We ask the international community to join us in condemning this terrorist attack and take steps against any form of violence.

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