Potential of food production in Armenia

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Keywords: Armenia, Agriculture, Economy, Development, Food production, Animal husbandry

ALTERNATIVE Quarterly Journal January – March, 2021, Alireza (Arik) Adkanian , Ph.D. student at European university, Yerevan

Food production has a long history in Armenia. Despite this Armenia has not been able to achieve its worthy position as a well-known producer of foodstuffs. The current prime ministerّّّّ of Armenia prefers more industrialization for the current development. Further industrialisation of the country in addition to the need for heavy investment, Will also bring human health and ecological damages. Due to the size of the country and limited population, some of these injuries will incur heavy costs in the long run. Food production by observing the principles of green agriculture and sustainability production can be the key to the country’s development. Due the Armenia’s membership in Eurasia and neighbouring Iran and neighbouring Iran. Armenia can access a very large market for its goods. The foodstuffs production which needs less financial and environmental investment in comparison to large-scale needs for industrial developments has led to prosperity and economic growth in different countries.




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