Nowruz and New Year in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Nowruz lands

Happy new year

Nowruz came victorious

Nowruz Celebration, New year and Spring have arrived again. Our ancient celebration was renewed after thousands of years.

We passed a tough and painful year in a big part of our cultural lands.   Our hearts broke because of the painful crisis in Iran. Also, people suffered from the oppression, terror, hunger and suffering of the barbaric Taliban group in Eastern Khorasan (Afghanistan). The war in Ukraine caused widespread disruption of food security in the world. The Persian countries had a hard effect too. Especially Afghanistan, which needs international aid. Also, in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, where many families depend on their members who work in Russia.

With all hardships and crises that have happened to us, Nowruz has arrived and given the good news of the arrival of spring, resurrection and new life. We wish pride, energy and happiness for the whole world, especially our Nowruz lands in this new year.

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