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Educational Activities and Impact at the Peace and Food Security Association School April-May

Advancements at Peace and Food Security Association School in Student-led Lectures and Academic Excellence


During April and May 2024, the Peace and Food Security Association School has actively engaged in numerous educational activities, showcasing significant progress and impact:

Student-Led Lectures

In an effort to promote collaborative learning, students have organized meetings where they deliver lectures on topics taught by professors. This initiative has fostered knowledge sharing and enhanced understanding among classmates.

Subject Progress

The school has witnessed notable advancements in mathematics, physics, and Persian education for children. The girls’ class has successfully covered the mathematics section on similarity, while the boys’ class has focused on matrices.

Assessment and Evaluation

Both boys and girls participated in tests conducted in April and May. In addition to monthly exams, class evaluations are held every 15 days in a transparent manner. Students who excel in these evaluations are rewarded with pens and notebooks, encouraging their academic pursuits.

Elite Students and Association Impact

Students associated with the Peace and Food Security Research Association are recognized as privileged and elite compared to their peers outside the school. Female students actively engage in reading and researching Persian literature, further enhancing their academic prowess.

Enhancing Speaking Skills

A weekly forum is conducted to strengthen students’ speaking abilities, contributing to their overall personal development.

Academic Excellence

Students consistently score above 90% in class tests, demonstrating their academic excellence. Their abilities have significantly flourished through their studies at the association’s school.

Positive Community Impact

Since its inception, the Peace and Food Security Association School has played a crucial role in the remote and deprived village. The classes, led by elite students from the association, have motivated young people and contributed to their growth. Villagers have expressed gratitude for the association’s support and the positive impact on their children.


Overall, the Peace and Food Security Association School continues to make a substantial difference in the community, driving academic and personal growth among students and fostering a supportive educational environment.


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