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Webinar: A Legal Review of the Background of the War in Ukraine

On 19 August 1402, the programme of the conference entitled “Webinar: A Legal Review of the Background of the War in Ukraine and the Inability of International Actors to Prevent It” was established. The conference was held from 16:00 to 18:00 in cooperation with the Peace and Food Security Association, Journal of International Studies, World Policy Publications and the International Peace Studies Foundation.

The meeting began with a speech by Mr. Adkanian, the director and founder of the Peace and Food Security Research Association, who explained the purpose and nature of the programme. Next, Dr. Mehdi Zakarian, the esteemed editor of the International Studies Quarterly, discussed the Ukrainian war and its impact on the politics of the regional countries. He also criticised Iran’s and the world’s policies in relation to the Ukrainian conflict. He argued that Russia’s war with Ukraine was legally unjustifiable and violated the sovereignty of an independent state. He also ruled out the possibility of applying the doctrine of pre-emptive defence to this case.

Next, Dr. Amir Maghami, an assistant professor at Isfahan University, analysed the lawsuit filed by Ukraine in the International Court of Justice. He referred to the political and legal implications of the research on the conditions of litigation between Ukraine and Russia in the International Court of Justice. He also examined the behaviour of international organisations in relation to the dispute between Ukraine and Russia in that court and the jurisdictional role of the court based on the presence of a third party and other factors. Finally, he addressed some of the challenges that might arise from this issue.

The session continued with a question-and-answer segment on the topics discussed. Dr. Maghami and Dr. Zakarian commented on the role of the court and the relative capacity of international organisations in the legal prosecution of this challenge. They suggested that these legal conflicts could pose a fundamental challenge to the global political and legal structure. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Adekanian highlighted the food security challenges caused by the war in Ukraine and its connection with Iran due to the Ukrainian conflict.

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