The Khoy earthquake, the food problems of the affected countrymen and the relief process

Food aids

A 9.5 magnitude earthquake on the 29th of January in Khoy county caused damage to two towns and 86 surrounding villages in the cold winter weather, and many families lost their homes or were unable to live in them due to insecurity. Continue. Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization (former Red Lion and Sun Society) of Iran informs about urgent services to the injured. According to the latest report of that organization, the aid delivery continues and until the last report, 394 tons of food items have been distributed among The injured have been distributed. This amount included 120,000 food packages. The injured are kept in 95 camps, including one hundred and twenty-five thousand people.

Due to the coldness of the region and the winter season, many families are in difficulty and some have gone to their relatives in nearby and distant cities. It is very difficult to live in a tent in cold weather. The government has promised more aid and plans to provide more stable and warmer places. Assistance from various cities and provinces continues, both from the government and from the people. Many artists, athletes, and celebrities expressed sympathy for the affected people and tried to collect public assistance. However, the government has stopped paying money to the personal accounts of some of these celebrities.

The Ministry of Justice related to Iran’s Judiciary announced that the Chief Justice of West Azarbaijan province announced the distribution of food and clothing the warehouses of that organization worth ten billion tomans (about 250 thousand dollars) to the earthquake victims of Khoi city with the orders of the court. Iran Radio and Television News Agency reported that the representative of the Minister of Agricultural has travelled to Khoi city of West Azerbaijan region, he has announced the distribution of more wheat and flour quota to the earthquake-affected parts of Khoi county. According to him, the flour and wheat quota of the city has increased by 150 tons.

Despite all these efforts, there is a need for hot food. Some of the people complain about the lack of their needs and the late action due to the cold weather, and some also complain about the inappropriate treatment of the forces. Cold weather is hard for children. This complaint has been to the extent that some national managers and parliamentarians have also complained about inappropriate reports and insufficient and late assistance.

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