Merry Christmas to all the world

Christ enter to the world suffering from hunger

We congratulate all the believers of this glorious celebration on the arrival of the Christmas feast.

Apart from which date we celebrate this day in these two weeks due to the difference in traditions, what is important is the spirit of Christmas.

Christ came to this world to teach humanity and love for each other to all his followers from every race, colour and nation. His followers are good-hearted people, no matter what religion they are called.

He came to show them the beautiful spirit of God’s love for mankind so that the religious sellers and corrupt religious leaders of his era and all eras would not abuse the name of God because they are not representatives of God but they are representatives of their own greed and power worship.

Now, billions of people in the world are happily eating Christmas Eve dinner with their family and friends, while millions of other people are struggling to prepare food. In this situation, Christ ordered us to care for our neighbours and let’s look that Who is our neighbour?

Without a doubt, the suffering people of our homeland and all the people who are with us on this beautiful planet.

Merry Christmas to all the people of the world.

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