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Tahkar school. December 2022

Hope for the future

The sun generation children;
These are the students of the Peace and Food Security Research Association school in the farthest deprived village which is close to the city of Varsaj in Takhar province, Afghanistan.
Where people need the most basic facilities, these students are full of their dreams and aspirations. Considering the harsh conditions of Afghanistan and the deprivation of the people, the peace and food security research association is proud that the young people who are interested in knowledge have facilitated the field of free education.
By implementing this educational program by the Research Association for Peace and Food Security, these students will overcome the lack of access to knowledge and be guided to a  world full of hope.

In ِthe Dey (January), one of the main activities of this association was that we were able to teach literacy to people who are in the village and out of school with the help of the elite students of our class. Also, weekly forums are one of the activities of January.

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