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Peace and Food Security Research Association School In Afghanistan- Takhar

Peace and Food Security Research Association School in Takhar

Education is the cornerstone of building a country. Unfortunately, after the overthrow of the legal government in the historical land of Eastern Khorasan (Afghanistan), many children of this land were deprived of proper education. This situation has been especially bitter for the girls of that land.

The events of that land are bitter and painful for all conscientious people. Following this bitter nightmare, several philanthropists from all over the world and Iran were able to financially support the establishment of a school with the help of each other to help the children of one of the areas continue their studies.

In this way, with the approval and suggestion of the philanthropic teacher, Mr Saviz, who was the director of this rural school, he started working with the children and teenagers. who are in trouble today. We hope that our loved ones in that land will be able to prosper and free their homeland in the future.

Mathematics and Persian language lessons are taught in this school. We hope that in the future, with more help from benefactors, we will be able to add more friends. Also, we hope that we will be able to provide a proper meal for the children. It is broadcast, but it is not permanent due to the lack of funds.

Here you can suggest to interested friends that if they are interested in knowing more or helping to make the future of these people, they can send us a message.


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